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Invitation Letter For The 133th Canton Fair
 Mar 30, 2023|View:817

 The 133td Canton Fair is scheduled to open on April 15, the main features and highlights of this year's Canton Fair include: First, the expansion of the exhibition scale, consolidating China's first exhibition status. Fully restore the offline exhibition, continue to be held in three phases, and for the first time opened four exhibition halls, the exhibition area from the past 1.18 million expanded to 1.5 million square meters. Second, optimize the exhibition structure to show the latest level of industrial development. Optimize the exhibition area settings and add new topics to highlight the achievements of trade upgrading, industrial progress and technological innovation. Third, the integration of online and offline, accelerate the digital transformation. Accelerate online and offline integration and digitalization, enterprises can all digitally complete the exhibiting process from exhibitor application, booth arrangement, exhibit organization to on-site preparation. Fourth, to strengthen the precise investment, to develop the global source market. Open the door to invite overseas buyers and fully open to domestic buyers. Fifth, expand the forum activities, increase the investment promotion function. 2023 will be held in 1 + N mode of the second Pearl River Forum, to build the highland of international trade opinion, make the Canton Fair voice, contribute to the Canton Fair wisdom.

 This year's Canton Fair for global buyers carefully prepared a full range of one-stop services such as trade matching, on-site courtesy, participation rewards, covering new and old buyers, connecting online and offline, continuing the whole process of pre-show, in-show and post-show. Specifically, the show will provide the latest features, highlights and core values to global fans through nine social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; organize four types of "trade bridge" activities, such as multinational enterprises, specific regions, specific industries and provincial and municipal themes, to help buyers grasp industry trends, connect with high-quality suppliers and quickly find Organize a number of different themes of "good treasure, good nee to explore the Canton traffic" activities, additional on-site factory visits, booth display links, to help buyers to achieve "zero distance" to participate in the meeting; hold "advertising benefit new customers "activities to benefit new customers; provide on-site services such as VIP club for buyers, organize offline salon, "online card, offline incentive" and other activities to provide value-added services; focus on optimizing the official website page settings and functional use, including pre-registration, pre-release, pre-matching and other functions, for buyers To provide high-quality services and convenience for buyers to attend and view the exhibition online and offline.

Canton Fair has not only participated in the development of China's foreign trade, but also witnessed the progress of China's intellectual property protection, especially the exhibition intellectual property protection. Since 1992, after 30 years of unremitting efforts, Canton Fair has established a set of IPR complaint disposal mechanism with the current Measures for Complaint and Handling of Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement at Canton Fair as the core, which is more perfect and suitable for the characteristics of the fair and the need of integrating offline and online platforms, enhancing enterprises' awareness of IPR protection and showing the Chinese government's determination to respect and protect IPR. As a model of intellectual property protection in China's exhibitions, the fair, professional and efficient complaint handling of the Canton Fair has won the trust and praise of customers such as Dyson (UK), Nike (USA) and Travel Sentry (USA).

Our company Changzhou AVI Electronic Co., Ltd. is a factory dedicated to the development and manufacture of various mobile phone accessories and audio video cables such as data cable, wall charger, bluetooth earphone, wireless charger, hub, HDMI Cable, AUX Cable, Microphone Cable, etc. and we are confident that our products will meet your expectations and requirements. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to our clients worldwide, and we believe that attending the Canton Fair will help us achieve that goal.

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth at the Canton Fair and building a mutually beneficial business relationship with you.

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