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Will a magnetic data cable work?
 Nov 17, 2023|View:123

While magnetic data cables are nothing new, often these products are just focused on the basic use of charging - after all, the magnetic form really isn't stable enough. But accessory maker SeaBeauty is thinking differently, as they've created a new full-featured magnetic cable that can support higher specs such as Thunderbolt 4, USB4, and more.

20231117-1.jpgThis magnetic cable still uses the Type-C connector, and you can see that there is a tongue at the end of the magnetic cable instead of a simple contact, which may be one of the reasons why it can support higher transfer rates. Hibiscus also said that the cable has a "dual magnetic adsorption", not easy to fall off, but it is not recommended to use this cable hanging.


As for the features, the cable supports 40Gbps transmission rate, which makes it capable of supporting 8K@60Hz video transmission, and the charging rate supports 240W PD fast charging, which basically covers all the cable capabilities that can be done at present, which is still rare for a magnetic data cable