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What is the HDMI Interface
 Mar 05, 2024|View:674

High Definition Multimedia Interface (English: High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI) is a digital video/audio interface technology, is suitable for image transmission of the special type of digital interface, which can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals, the highest data transfer speed of 2.25 GB / s, and do not need to transmit signals before the digital/analog or analog/digital conversion. /HDMI can be used in conjunction with wideband digital signals.

HDMI can be paired with Broadband Digital Content Protection (HDCP) to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted audio and video content.

The extra space available with HDMI can be used to upgrade audio and video formats at a later date.

And since a 1080p video and an 8-channel audio signal requires less than 0.5GB/s, HDMI has a lot of headroom. This allows it to connect the DVD player, the receiver and the PRR separately with a single cable.

HDMI can not only meet the 1080P resolution, but also support DVD Audio and other digital audio formats, support for eight-channel 96kHz or stereo 192kHz digital audio transmission, can transmit uncompressed audio signals and video signals.HDMI can be used in set-top boxes, DVD players, personal computers, videotape players, synthesized amplifiers, digital stereos and televisions. HDMI can transmit audio and video signals simultaneously.

HDMI support EDID, DDC2B, so with HDMI devices with "plug and play" characteristics, signal source and display devices will automatically carry out "negotiation", automatically select the most appropriate video / audio format.

Compared with DVI HDMI interface is smaller, HDMI / DVI cable length of the optimal distance are less than 8 meters. As long as a HDMI cable, you can replace up to 13 analog transmission lines, can effectively solve the problem of home entertainment system behind the cable clutter and tangled.