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The Different Coaxial Cable You Need Them
 Aug 04, 2023|View:579

RG59 AV Coaxial Cable

For low frequency CCTV installations, use RG59 Coaxial Cable 20 AWG cable is built with a bare copper inner conductor surrounded by a 95% bare copper braided shielding. Equipped with foam EP insulation and a FRPVC jacket, your signals stay protected when you use only Primus Cable coax cables for TV, VCR, DVR, satellite receivers, security cameras and more.

We offer RG59 Coax Cable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, with a plenum and siamese variety so you can customize it for your needs. With CL2P rated cable, your in-wall installations stay fire-rated and protected when it comes to the hazard of burning fumes. As another option, our AVI RG59 coax cable allows you to supply power and data in one signal run, saving you valuable time and money.


RG6 AVI Coaxial Cable

For crystal clear HDTV television networking and satellite, you can rely on our RG6 Coaxial Cable. RG6 coaxial cable offers a higher level of signal retention and shielding, thus offering you faster data transmission speeds and sharper resolution.We offer various types of RG6 cable that can meet your installation’s needs, including dual shield, quad shield, siamese, and even a variety with messenger wire.

RG11 AVI Coaxial Cable

Longer runs are more prone to signal degradation. That’s why you need RG11 coaxial cable, which can be used for runs up to 400 feet. With the largest conductor size in comparison to RG59 and RG6 coax, this cable is perfect for maximum signal retention used in CATV and audio/video applications.

In Sum

We offer coax cables of the RG59, RG6 and RG11 variety, depending on your application type. For low frequency applications such as security cameras, use RG59 coax cable. When you need digital signals, RG6 is your best bet. We offer RG11 for longer distance runs as well, when greater signal retention is required. Our RG6 and RG11 variety come in dual and quad shield, giving you the best connection you could possible need.