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LEMI Infinite Gem 35W GaN Fast Charging Mobile Phone Charger
Output parameters:100-240(V)
Certification:CE RoHS
Connector Type:USB Type C
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LEMI Infinite Gem 35W GaN Fast Charging Mobile Phone Charger

Logo(Min. Order 3000 pieces)
Packaging(Min. Order 3000 pieces)
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Warranty12 Months


About this item

  • 【35W Power Delivery】: Equipped with an USB Type C port, PD 3.0 charger provides you Max 35W output power to fast charging your phone, tablet, iPad and other devices.

  • 【Superior Safety Fast Charging】: USB c Android chargers comes with premium built-in safeguards and intelligent IC identification technology to prevent against short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-heating and over-charging. It can intelligently recognize the battery type and status, will automatically stop charging when fully charged for a safety charging and long lifespan.

  • 【Gallium Nitride】:Upgraded Technology & Safety: By swapping out silicon for Gallium Nitride (GaN) we've been able to fit 33W of power into this sleek charger that works flawlessly with nearly all mobile devices, tablets, and more at full 33W speed; Additionally, the smart GaN and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) Technology automatically optimizes the output voltage depending on the device connected, to safely charge your devices and produce less heat. Also, the charger is PD 3.0 certified, meaning it can deliver a fast and safe charge to your device

  • 【Transparent Material】:Semi-transparent material gives insight into the internal parts and processes of the charger with a burst of color that brightens up the space you are charging in

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